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Greetings The happiest moment in the world with Hello Kitty

Jacob F&B Co., Ltd would turn into
a beautiful company, full of dream and
hope with its ‘Hello Kitty Café.’

We welcome all of you who have visited our ‘Hello Kitty
Café’ homepage.

I am the Rep. Dir. Kim, Jong Seok of Jacob F&B Co., Ltd .
Our Jacob F&B Co., Ltd is an F&B specialized company, operating ‘Hello Kitty Café,’ providing prestigious coffees,
drinks and patisseries, focusing on Hello Kitty as our main target of business, which has been with you for the last 40 years.
‘Hello Kitty Café’ is a high-class café which reveals an original feature of our only Hello Kitty with its differentiated and refined taste and customer service strategy.

At present, ‘Hello Kitty Café’ is providing s brand-new taste and style for you dear customers through our interior/exterior design and spatial productions where our ever-upgraded princess Hello Kitty and users from all age span can empathize, whilst presenting you a special experience as a diversified cultural space.

In the future, we ‘Hello Kitty Café’ would instigate our five senses with our everyday coffees and cookies with brand-new experiences melt in our food we serve for you customers, and will keep on growing as the best eat-out brand in the Republic of Korea, with our novel mentality of service while specifying customer welcoming as a top priority.

In addition, with a variety of strategies and product developments, we would manage sound operation of our company, returning 1% of every month revenue collected with your dear love and support to the society which is called as ‘a movement returning 1% of revenue to the community,’ and would exert ourselves for developing into a company that shares with others and helps neighbors facing hardships with our regular social voluntary activities.

Once again, we would like to give our sincere commitment which would grow into any excellent brand that could be the dream and hope of this era that shares beautiful care and support towards the world we live in and sound happiness with you, customers, and are eager for your everlasting affection over a warm society all brand new that would change through our ‘Hello Kitty Café,’ right by your side.

Thank you.

Jacob F&B Co., Ltd Rep. Dir. Kim, Jong Seok